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Why do we call ourselves “Your IT Guardian Angels”?

  • We watch over your computer network to ensure all is well.
  • We genuinely care about your IT well-being.
  • We provide guidance in making the best choices for your IT investments.
  • Angels are thought of as living in the clouds, just as many of our services are cloud-based.

Secrets to Our Success

Proactive approach and fast response so you can keep working 

Our clients compliment us most on our fast response and resolution to service requests. Requests can be made via email to our ticketing system or by calling our Help Desk. Our support contracts come with response time commitments which we usually out-perform. Of course, our ultimate goal is to be as proactive as possible by resolving potential problems before you even notice them, using our sophisticated network monitoring and management tools. 93% of calls to our Help Desk are answered by a live person within 60 seconds.

Establishing Trust

As is the case with your lawyer or accountant, you need to have a trusted relationship with your IT support company. After all, you are giving them the responsibility of keeping your computer network functioning smoothly and protecting your most important business asset: your data.  Evidence that we have established a trusting relationship with our clients can be found in our many testimonials and case studies. Further evidence is the fact that we have operated successfully for 30 years providing Managed IT Services. Many of our clients have come to us from referrals and 50% of our clients have been with us for 10 or more years; some as long as 25! The other 50% are newer additions to our continually growing list of Managed IT Services clients.

Our Cyber Security Solutions help keep your data protected

A firewall and antivirus software are no longer adequate to keep your data and computer network secure. Cyber Crime has reached epidemic proportions and will continue to grow and become more sophisticated. There’s also the need to protect your data from within. These facts mean that your IT support team must be on the cutting edge of what is required to keep the bad guys out. We’ve developed the expertise, tools and services to do just that; and our research never stops.

We Translate techspeak so you can make informed decisions 

We understand the frustration that comes with listening to an IT person talk in technical terms that you don’t understand.  It’s not a productive conversation. Our goal is to ensure you fully comprehend the services we are providing and the reports we produce.  When a technology decision needs to be made, it’s critical that you understand your options and the pros and cons of each.  Only then can you feel confident that your decisions are the right ones for your organization. 

Our Approach

When engaging with a new Managed IT Services Client, the steps in our process are as follows:

Assess Your Network: We need to know where we’re starting from to know where we’re going, so the first step is to fully understand all aspects of your computer network and systems. Don’t worry about being bogged down trying to gather these details for us. For the most part, we can gather them on our own during a site visit, using our software tools. All data gathered is analyzed and a summary report is prepared including our observations and recommendations (short term, medium term and long term).

On-boarding: On-boarding a new client involves first deploying our monitoring and management software to all Servers, desktops, laptops, printers and other network devices. This is critical for providing us with email alerts should anything on your network start misbehaving. It also allows us quick remote access to any of your computers in order to provide service and gives us remote central management capabilities. The onboarding process typically also includes deploying our integrated virus & malware protection solution plus Windows and third party patch management.

Network Cleanup:  There is typically some initial network cleanup work to be done to ensure everything is set up according to industry best practices. This helps you and us, feel comfortable that the network is as secure and reliable as it can be.

Ongoing Service: Once on-boarded, ongoing monitoring, maintenance, support and service (remote or on-site as required) can begin.

Projects: The Network Assessment will usually identify some projects recommended for the short, medium or long term. Detailed fixed price quotations are provided for any projects it is agreed should take place in the short term (or longer term for budgeting purposes). If approved, these are carefully planned and executed with minimal disruption to your network in mind.

IT Review Meetings: IT Review Meetings are conducted at least annually, to review reports on your network health, provide updates on new technologies, keep abreast of what’s happening in your business and to get feedback on how we’re doing.

BSC has been providing us with IT support since 2014. They make it easy and convenient to work with them, and respond quickly to any requests we make. I like the email updates I receive on any active support tickets, letting me know their status. Hiring BSC has saved me lots of time and given me peace of mind that they are monitoring our network and data backup and I know that in an emergency situation I can count on them to be there and to handle things.

Owner & General Manager
Auto Dealership

BSC technician working in server room

Our Company has grown incredibly fast in recent years and BSC was there every step of the way, providing guidance, knowledgeable technical assistance and zero downtime server upgrades. They were also instrumental in supporting us during a couple of major events, not of their making or responsibility, but they jumped right in and worked with us and our other service providers and helped turn a disaster into just a bump in the road. They also helped institute a Phishing Email training program for all PC users that has paid off on a number of occasions. Bill and his team of responsive, professional technicians and consultants provide everything Multivans needs as they are our 100% IT solution..

VP Finance & Administration

Manufacturing Company 

Bill Boisvenue in a server room

Thank you for the support you have given us this year and previous years. I know we don’t say it enough, but your expertise, professionalism and quick response have helped us to get our work done effectively and efficiently. Thank you so much.”

Operations Manager

Charitable Organization


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Accepting this free offer in no way obligates you to do any further business with us but of course we hope you will!

1. Because our resources are not unlimited, the free service ticket will cover a maximum of 2 hours of remote support for 1 service issue.
2. Since customers who are the best fit for our services have a minimum of 10 computers, this free offer only applies to organizations of this size.
3. This offer applies only to organizations who are not already a customer of BSC Solutions Group.

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