Here's why BSC Solutions Group is the right choice for your organization

Your IT Guardian Angels

Why do we call ourselves “Your IT Guardian Angels”?

    • We watch over your computer network to ensure all is well.
    • We genuinely care about your IT well-being.
    • We provide guidance in making the best choices for your IT investments.
    • Angels are thought of as living in the clouds, just as many of our services are cloud-based

Secrets to Our Success

Proactive approach and fast response so you can keep working

Our clients compliment us most on our fast response and resolution to service requests. With our sophisticated Network Monitoring and Management software, many issues are resolved before they affect our client’s network. If we need to perform service, most problems can be resolved via remote connection over the Internet. We have a number of options for contacting our HelpDesk. If a phone call is your preferred method, 93% of calls are answered live within 60 seconds.


There’s nothing more frustrating when dealing with IT issues as when problems or questions are left to “linger”; either partially resolved or not at all. At BSC, our mission is to deal with issues and questions head on until they are resolved or answered, and in a timely fashion. If we don’t have an immediate resolution or answer, we’ll do the research required to get you one; no nonsense, no avoidance.

BSC Solutions has been our trusted partner since 2016. They are professional, courteous, patient, and thorough. I have recommended them to a number of clients and will continue to do so.


The IT world is a mysterious and intimidating one for the majority of people. We work to de-mystify that world by educating our clients and prospects about new technologies and options so they can make informed decisions about their IT investments. That education is provided through meetings, training sessions, blogs and newsletters. We also help with equipment replacement planning for budgeting purposes and advise on IT best practices and policies.

An informed client is our best client.


When considering an outsourced IT support company, you will likely be asking yourself:  Am I confident they aren’t going to sell me something I don’t need? Will there be unexpected fees? Will they complete work in a timely fashion? Will they have my best interests at heart? Will they deliver on their promises?

These are indeed questions you should be considering before hiring outsourced IT support. After all, you will be putting the management and safeguarding of your most critical and confidential data in their hands.

How does BSC Solutions Group develop confidence with our client?

  • We provide very clear written details about what is and isn’t included in our services so surprises are eliminated.

  • We recommend solutions that are in our clients’ best interest; not based on our own agenda.

  • We provide detailed reports allowing our clients to see the full value they are receiving.

  • We consistently follow through with what we say we’re going to do.

  • We are always easy to contact.

  • We enter every business relationship with a long term partnership in mind.

Don’t just take our word for it

Read our Client Testimonials or ask to talk to any of them directly.

Bill & Susanne Boisvenue

Bill Boisvenue
President and Owner

Susanne Boisvenue
Marketing Manager and Owner

BSC Solutions Group Ltd.

More Secrets To Our Success

Cyber Security Solutions to help keep you protected

A firewall and antivirus software are no longer adequate to keep your data and computer network secure. Cyber Crime has reached epidemic proportions and will continue to grow and become more sophisticated. There’s also the need to protect your data from within. These facts mean that your IT support team must be on the cutting edge of what is required to keep the bad guys out. We’ve developed the expertise, tools and services to do just that; and our research never stops.

We have seen an improvement in awareness of Phishing traps as a result of the quarterly campaigns and on-line training videos that our employees have received. We would highly recommend the Cyber Security Services that BSC offers as it gives you greater confidence that your network is secure from the many on-line threats in this day and age.

Single Source

One of the key benefits of working with a team of IT professionals like BSC Solutions Group is that we offer such a wide range of services and products from a single source. Anything that eliminates complexity when it comes to all things IT, is always welcome. One number to call, one vendor to deal with it all, one vendor to pay, and no “finger pointing” is a recipe for pain free IT services.

A Team of Professionals

Do you have back-up for your IT services? What if there’s an emergency and no one to help who knows your network?

Working with a team of IT Support Specialists like BSC Solutions Group means there are no gaps in your services even when someone is on holiday, off sick or leaves our employ. A member of our technical team is always ready to step in. The detailed records we keep of your network equipment and setup help make this seamless.

The (BSC) staff have been extremely professional and responsive. Any time I have spoken to any of BSC’s employees, they have been polite, they are generous with their time, they explain, they are not rude, they’re not rushing me, they follow up; which to me is actually quite tremendous in regards to having that type of engagement.

30+ Years of Experience

We are dedicated to providing our clients with superior services and have done so consistently for the past 3 decades.

Microsoft Partner

BSC has been a Microsoft Partner since 1999 with  proven expertise and experience with many of Microsoft’s software applications and cloud solutions such as the Microsoft 365 Suite.  We have deployed countless Microsoft-related solutions along with ongoing support services. 

Canadian Controlled Goods Program

Being registered with this program means we are authorized to provide IT services to companies dealing with goods that have military or national security significance.

Maximizing On Your IT Investments

BSC helps our clients make the most of their IT investments by:

      • Ensuring their computer network is designed, monitored, maintained and secured according to industry best practices, thereby minimizing network disruptions.
      • Identifying and replacing aging equipment and software before it reaches end of life, avoiding emergency situations from equipment failure or incompatibility. Scheduled equipment replacement is also easier on the budget.
      • Taking advantage of new technology, such as moving to hosted services, can save on cost and maintain or even improve your competitive position.
      • Providing fully managed IT support and solutions at a predictable, fair cost with demonstrated value.