What is USB-C?


Image Source: tenz1225

If you are planning to purchase a new phone or laptop this year, it is most likely that these devices will use the latest USB standard: USB-C. It is the emerging industry standard connector that is used for transferring data and power. The USB-C port can be found across PC manufacturers as well as Apple products which makes it highly universal as you will be able to share charging cords with a variety of devices.

One of the biggest benefits of using the USB-C is that it is conveniently reversible, so there is no such thing as plugging it in the wrong way. In addition, it is extremely versatile since it can be used for other purposes such as HDMI, DisplayPort, and ThunderBolt 3, as well as full compatibility with USB 2.0 and 3.0.

Apart from being extremely versatile, the USB-C performs at faster speeds in transferring files and charging devices as it can push out 100W of power, which is an increase from older USB standards that are only capable of 10W of power. With the larger amount of power, the USB-C is able to charge full-size electronics such as laptops which allows laptop manufacturers to make thinner devices. This also means the chunky power brick that is found on many laptop’s charging cable won’t be needed.

At the moment, it may be a bit of pain as not all devices have USB-C slots which means you will need various adapters for different devices. However, when USB-C is present across all devices, it will ensure less cables and ports. Most importantly, you’ll be able to swap the same USB-C cord between all of your devices.