Using DNA to Store Computer Data

DNA molecule storing data

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One recent development that has the field abuzz is the use of DNA to store data.

From External Hard Drives To Keeping Info In Molecules

Scientists appear to have made substantial progress in their efforts to store data as DNA molecules, which are more compact and long-lasting than other solutions.

Computer data is typically on magnetic hard drives, which can take up a lot of room and require eventual replacement. If we used life’s preferred storage medium, DNA, vast amounts of data could fit into tiny molecules that could last thousands of years.

While this technology is not widespread, there is a current market and demand for it, such as those seeking to archive information in time capsules.

How Close Are We To Using DNA Data Storage?

Senior researcher Nicholas Gies of Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) stated the new chip’s feature density is around 100 times higher than current commercial storage devices.

Based on the high cost of storing data on, and retrieving data from DNA molecules, this option will be most applicable where information must be saved for an extended period but infrequently accessed.  Currently, data of this nature is typically stored on magnetic tapes, which need replacing approximately every 10 years.  Kept at the right temperature data stored on DNA will last for thousands of years.

The procedure will, in the end, require time and development to attain the long-term goals of lower cost and improved efficiency, according to the scientists. However, they believe the process is valuable because of the possible advantages to civilization.

Fun fact: If DNA were formatted, every movie ever produced could fit into a volume smaller than a sugar cube, according to researchers.

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