Top Tech Stories from June 2024

Tech stories June 2024

We try to stay on top of all the latest news from the world of tech. Here are some of the AI, cybersecurity, consumer products, and other interesting tech news that we’ve been keeping our eye on over the last month:


  1. AI twins in Meetings: Zoom CEO Eric Yuan envisions a future where AI-powered digital twins attend meetings on behalf of users.
  2. Safe Superintelligence, Inc.: Ilya Sutskever, former Chief Scientist at OpenAI, announced the formation of a new company, Safe Superintelligence, Inc., aiming to build superintelligence safely.
  3. AI in Healthcare: Biotech companies are using AI for faster and more accurate disease diagnosis. Innovations include detecting early signs of diseases like Alzheimer’s through advanced imaging techniques.

Business Technology

  1. Auto Dealership Software Ransom: Dealer management software from CDK systems was hit by a ransomware attack, causing global disruption in auto dealerships.
  2. Microsoft’s Security Prioritization: Microsoft is shifting its focus to prioritize security over AI, with CEO Satya Nadella personally taking responsibility for security flaws.


  1. Ticketmaster Data Breach: Hackers have allegedly stolen Ticketmaster data from Snowflake, highlighting the increasing risks in cloud storage security.
  2. Rise in Cyber Threats: CrowdStrike’s 2024 Global Threat Report reveals a drastic rise in cyber threats, with a 75% increase in cloud intrusions and a 76% increase in data theft victims named on data leak sites.

Consumer Products

  1. Microsoft’s Copilot+ PCs hit the market, although the AI-powered “Recall” feature was delayed due to security and privacy concerns.
  2. TDK’s Solid-State Battery Breakthrough: TDK claims a breakthrough in solid-state battery technology, predicting significant performance increases for devices from wireless headphones to smartwatches.
  3. AMD unveiled the MI325X accelerator, a direct competitor to Nvidia, during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.
  4. Apple Intelligence: Apple announced it’s AI offering–Apple Intelligence, which will roll out over the next several months and will be integrated into iPhones.

Other noteworthy stories

  1. Advancements in Autonomous Vehicles: Major players in the automotive industry are making significant strides in sensor technologies, navigation algorithms, and safety features.
  2. AI’s Energy Impact: Despite concerns about AI’s energy consumption, data suggests that AI’s current and near-future environmental impact may not be as dire as some reports suggest.
  3. Space Exploration: SpaceX’s Starship rocket completed its first-ever soft ocean landing, while Boeing’s Starliner capsule successfully transported two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station.

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