It’s Tax Season: Don’t Fall for CRA Phishing Scams

tax paper and mouse

Tax season is here and you need to be alert for phishing emails and phone calls from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) imposters who request personal information such as bank account number, credit card number, or social insurance number.

What Should You Look For?

These phishing emails typically indicate that your refund is ready and includes a link to retrieve your refund.


If you click on the link, it will lead you to a fake CRA website that the hacker has created to fill out a form with your information. Always check the URL to verify the authenticity of the site.


In addition to phishing emails, these criminals also conduct phone scams where they claim to be someone from the CRA and tell the victim that they have made an error on their tax return that has resulted in money owed to the CRA. They will then ask for personal or banking information in order to settle the alleged debt owed. If you receive this phone call, do not provide your information and then check your online CRA account or call the CRA directly to be sure.

The CRA will never:

– Email or text you to request personal or financial information

– Request payment by prepaid credit card or gift cards

– Send payments using Interac e-transfer (they only send payments by direct deposit or cheque)

– Share taxpayer information with other people

– Leave personal information on your voicemail

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