Spotting Malicious SMS Links

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Malicious SMS links are links that are sent via SMS (text) messages and lead to malicious websites or applications that can cause harm to your device or data. These are referred to as “Smishing” attacks. SMS Links can be sent via phishing or other malicious campaigns and can lead to a variety of harmful activities, including downloading malware, stealing personal information, or even taking control of your device.

Discard Unexpected SMS Links

Discarding SMS messages with links, which are unexpected and look suspicious, is important for keeping your personal information secure. You run the risk of disclosing your private information or infecting your device with malicious software if you open and click on a malicious link. These SMS links can be used to redirect you to phishing websites that look legitimate but are actually designed to steal your personal information, such as usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers.  Malware that you unknowingly download by clicking on a bad SMS link can be used to track your location and activities, as well as spy on your online activity.

In order to protect yourself, it’s important to be aware of the signs of malicious links. It’s also important to be aware that malicious links can be disguised as shortened URLs, which can hide the full URL of the page. It is best to delete the message if it appears to be from an unknown source or contains strange characters or has spelling or grammatical errors.  Even if a link appears to be coming from a trustworthy source, it can contain malicious content, so users should always carefully inspect links before clicking on them.  The best advice is, if in doubt, don’t click.  Even a text message from a friend with a link should ideally be verified with them before proceeding. 

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