How The Right IT Company Can Help Your Small Business

How the Right IT Company Can Help Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you’re always looking for ways to cut costs and save money.  Your IT service isn’t one of the expenses you should cut. Your business benefits from having an IT company on your side, protecting your data, and keeping your team productive.  There are many perks to using an IT service, not in the least of which is its ability to save you money in the long run.

If you’re not sure how an IT company can help your small business in Toronto, here are some of the top benefits of contracting with the right IT company.

  • Better Communication

Every business uses online technology for communication.  At the fundamental level, you likely use email.  Beyond that, you may use on-line collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, or have a phone system that operates on voice-over-IP (VoIP).  The only way any of these communication methods are effective is if they continue to function properly and your team knows how to use them.

Having an IT service ensures that your communications remain flawless and effortless. When you have new hires join the team, the IT team can set them up with online accounts and secure passwords.

Communication technology also applies to chatbots, social media platforms, and even fax machines and printers.  Your IT professionals can educate your team on how to use all these different technologies and save the day when a problem occurs.

  • Stronger Security

IT Services make your company's data more secure

It doesn’t matter how small your business is, your data is vulnerable to breaches and hackers with malicious intentions.  As you build your business, keeping your company data and customers’ information safe is paramount.  Since many small businesses skimp on cyber security protections, they’re often the target of hackers.  To prevent legal troubles, lost data, and a damaged reputation, you need an IT company on your side.

Your IT team will assess your unique business and help you decide which protection tools are worth investing in and which ones will work best.  They’ll recommend specific firewalls, encryption, and other security tools.  Then, they’ll monitor your IT security systems to ensure they’re working and to address any alerts that arise.  The goal is to minimize the chance of a breach occurring.

  • Expertise in New Technology

Your IT service has the expertise to help you choose effective tools

Speaking of security tools, emerging technology in the security space can be confusing and overwhelming.  As a small business owner, you don’t have the time to do in-depth research on the best  solutions for your business.  That’s why having an IT company is so beneficial. It saves you time by being an expert on all things technology-based.  Through a detailed analysis of your business’s technology needs, they can recommend the perfect tools for you.

Most IT technologies today are complicated to set up and install.   There are very few plug-and-play solutions.  Even if they appear that simple on the surface, there are more than likely security or best practice considerations you’re not aware of.   Don’t inadvertently put your organization at risk with poorly configured IT solutions.  The old saying “You don’t know what you don’t know”, may well apply.

There are innovations every year in the tech space.  Staying on top of them is time-consuming and impractical for most small business owners.  Don’t waste your time learning new technologies when you could be focusing on growing your business.  Hire an expert IT company to take care of the techy stuff for you.

  • Secure Data Storage

How do you store your company’s, employees’, and customers’ data?  Yours and your customers’ financial and personal information, is vulnerable to hackers.  It’s unrealistic to go offline with your records, so you need a secure online solution.  Your IT company will ensure you have an internal data storage platform that keeps all your electronic documents and information safe.  They will implement a data backup system that will ideally include local as well as cloud backup of your data.  Any worries about data loss or corruption can melt away.

Hackers bank on unassuming employees making mistakes, allowing them to get access to your network and data.  Educating your team on these risks is key.  Your IT company can inform your staff on best practices and ways to make their daily tasks online safer.

  • Maintain and Monitor Systems

Ensure your employees are using the server for work-related tasks

What happens when your internal software tells you it’s time for an update?  Do you or someone on your team know how to implement the updates properly? Updating sophisticated technology isn’t as simple as pressing a button.  You need a technician with expertise in managing these systems.  An IT company stays on top of your technology and keeps it updated as required.  When it comes time to upgrade your software and hardware, your IT team initiates that process.  You don’t have to worry about your software getting outdated or missing out on a newer, more efficient option.

IT companies provide computer system monitoring services.  They can monitor hardware resource use, performance of certain vital software, and unusual activity on your network.  The goal is to minimize network downtime from equipment failure or from a cyber attack.

  • Save You Money in the Long Run

Having an IT Company on your side save you time and money

Let’s face it: at some point, your business will need help from an IT company.  It might not be today, but eventually, you’ll experience your first security breach and realize you need assistance.  Or, you’ll notice your outdated technology is deterring your business’s growth.  In either  situation, you’ll need to hire an IT company.  Their first job will be to understand and assess your current network setup.  Only then will they be able to assist in addressing any issues or needs at hand and provide you with solutions.

When you work with an IT company from the start, you and they are being pro-active.  An expensive breach of data is less likely to happen when you have an experienced IT team monitoring your network and advising on best practices.  When a problem does arise, their knowledge of your network will help them to solve it quickly.  That way, your business can continue to function with minimal disruption and minimal effect on your bottom line.

  • Sustained Productivity 

Your team is more productive when your technology functions optimally

When your computer systems are  working, your employees can be productive. It’s when your technology fails that your staff can’t work and productivity suffers.  Let’s say your server is down and your team can’t access any records or data.  They end up sitting and waiting for the problem to be solved, costing you more money in lost productivity as each minute ticks by.  Having an IT company on standby ensures  technical problems get resolved quickly.  Of course, the goal of proactive IT companies is to prevent issues from arising in the first place so your productivity doesn’t suffer.

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