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Electronic Recycling

When replacing computer equipment, what do you do with the old stuff? BSC will take care of this for you and ensure the equipment ends up at a proper recycling facility. For desktops, notebooks, and servers, we perform an electronic erase of all hard drives before disposal to protect your corporate data from being exposed.

Cardboard Recycling

Being in the business of selling computer equipment means we generate a fair amount of cardboard waste. Rest assured that all that cardboard is going to a recycling facility and not into landfill.

General Recycling

At each of our employee’s desks, next to all printers, and in our staff kitchen, are recycle bins for paper and food containers to ensure that as little as possible goes to our local landfill. Used batteries are collected at a central location in our office and taken periodically to a recycling facility. At BSC we do what we can to minimize the impact of our business activity on the natural environment and hope that you do the same. We only have one planet!

IT Humour

BSC Solutions Humorous Ad
IT Humour



Getting your computer network, phones and software applications to work shouldn’t be a monumental project;
yet we constantly hear from frustrated organizations like yours who call us when they’ve finally
had enough of the poor services and excuses from their current IT support firm.

Our offer of a FREE Service ticket is a no-risk way of introducing our services.
Let us diagnose and work on the computer problem of your choice and
find out what over 25 years of service excellence feels like.

Accepting this free offer in no way obligates you to do any further business with us but of course we hope you will!

1. Because our resources are not unlimited, the free service ticket will cover a maximum of 2 hours of remote support for 1 service issue.
2. Since customers who are the best fit for our services have a minimum of 10 computers, this free offer only applies to organizations of this size.
3. This offer applies only to organizations who are not already a customer of BSC Solutions Group.

Please fill out this form and a BSC Solutions Group “IT Guardian Angel”
will contact you within 24 hours.