Recent Canadian Cybersecurity Breaches

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Unfortunately, cybersecurity breaches have become a reality for businesses worldwide. Some of Canada’s most prominent companies have fallen victim to such incidents, facing consequences like compromised data, service disruptions, and potential threats to customer trust.

Here are some recent examples of Canadian cybersecurity breaches:

LCBO: Malicious Code and Customer Data Breach

In January 2023, LCBO experienced a cybersecurity breach when an unauthorized party embedded malicious code into the company’s server. This breach resulted in the potential compromise of customer information, including addresses and credit card numbers.

LCBO promptly disabled its website and mobile app to contain the incident and protect customer data. The company restored its online platform on January 15 after implementing enhanced security measures.

Indigo Books & Music Inc.: Ransomware Attack and Data Theft

Indigo Books & Music Inc., a prominent Canadian bookstore, faced a ransomware attack that had a significant impact on its operations. The incident, which lasted from early February 2023 to March, led to the temporary shutdown of the company’s website server and in-store electronic payment system.

In response, Indigo implemented a temporary online platform for selected purchases and confirmed that no customer data was compromised. However, it was later discovered that data from current and former employees had been stolen by the cybercriminal group LockBit.

Indigo decided not to pay the ransom, citing concerns about the potential misuse of funds. The company’s website and operations were eventually restored after a month-long recovery process.

Gateway Casinos: The Importance of Investing in Cybersecurity

In April, Gateway Casinos, a popular gaming and entertainment company, faced a two-week closure due to a ransomware attack. The incident prompted discussions about the need for increased investment in cybersecurity and employee training.

With the involvement of privacy officials, law enforcement, and government regulators, Gateway Casinos worked diligently to investigate the breach and implement the necessary measures to restore normal operations. The company successfully started reopening its Ontario locations at the end of April 2023.

Petro-Canada: Service Disruption Raises Concerns

One notable incident unfolded for Petro-Canada, a gas station chain owned by Suncor. At the end of June 2023, the company experienced a cybersecurity incident that led to the suspension of electronic payments at numerous gas stations, where only cash was accepted.  Customers also had difficulties accessing the Petro-Points app, and the company’s website temporarily became unavailable.

Suncor later confirmed that the basic contact information of members of their Peto-Points program was accessed by an unauthorized party. 


While it may seem that Canadian cybersecurity breaches are happening to only large organizations, keep in mind that only high-profile attacks such as these get reported in the news.  Cyber attacks are happening every day to even very small organizations. 

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