Ransomware Statistics You Can’t Ignore

Ransomware Attack Graphic

Ransomware attacks are increasing in frequency, effectiveness and cost as hacking groups get greedier.  Appreciating the extent of this risk and being proactive in defending against it is critical to your organization’s future viability.   

Ransomware Statistics Every Organization Should Know

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Ransomware Attack Varieties

There are multiple varieties of ransomware attacks, but they all typically follow a similar purpose: to hold your network and data hostage until a ransom has been paid.  Here are some of the variations:

Crypto Ransomware

During a crypto ransomware attack, a hacker group will gain access to your business’s network and encrypt all of your files. The group will then offer to sell you the decryption key for a ransom. Companies experience extended periods of downtime, while their employees are unable to access their files to continue working.

Locker Ransomware

During a locker ransomware attack, hacker groups render your company’s equipment unusable—including your computers and any other devices connected to your network. Locker ransomware is especially effective during an infrastructure attack or when targeting manufacturing businesses.

Double Extortion

A double extortion attack encrypts your files and may lock down your systems, but also threatens to leak your corporate data to the public.  The double extortion technique is incredibly popular among most hacker groups, as it prevents the organization from simply restoring their data from backups, thus avoiding a ransom payment.  There is the added risk of data exposure to be considered. 

Triple Extortion

Following on the success of double extortion strategies, triple extortion attacks are becoming increasingly popular. These attacks will also target the victim’s customers and/or suppliers, putting additional pressure and liability on the organization to resolve the attack quickly.  Further tactics might also be used such as DDoS attacks.  This is where a Server or network is overwhelmed with a flood of Internet traffic

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