Our Purpose

BSC Solutions Group’s purpose for being is to serve small and medium size organizations primarily in the Greater Toronto Area by providing proactive IT Management, IT Support, IT Consulting and IT education, along with IT products and services, in a manner that demonstrates trustworthiness, genuine concern and care for the well-being of those organizations. At the same time we are to demonstrate the same trustworthiness, concern and care with our employee team. In doing so, our goal is to help our clients, our employees and our company, strengthen and grow together.

Our Vision

BSC Solutions Group’s vision is:

  • To be known as a team of professionals with diverse IT expertise and experience, that can be relied upon to provide the excellent level of service our clients expect,
  • To have clients who are prosperous, in part due to leveraging the power of Information Technology to their best advantage,
  • To provide a pleasant working environment where our employees are treated fairly, respectfully and are challenged to enhance their skills and experience,
  • To minimize the impact of our business activity on the natural environment, and
  • To engage in community involvement we can be proud of.