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IT Support

Beginning with an initial consultation followed by a network assessment and then ongoing IT maintenance, IT support and IT services, our IT experts are here for you and your employees. We offer both in person and helpdesk service and support as needed, including 24/7 emergency help. Our response times are excellent as reported in our many client testimonials.

Cyber Security

Phishing scams and cyber attacks are a growing concern. Our team of specialists will perform a thorough Cybersecurity Assessment to find any gaps in security and recommend solutions to protect your network and valuable data. With a careful balance between your specific security needs and IT services budget, we will find the perfect mix of cyber security solutions for your organization.

Controlled Goods

Any business that has any contact with controlled goods must use an IT company that is registered under this program. BSC Solutions Group is a managed services IT company registered under the Canadian Controlled Goods Program since December of 2018. This registration means we can work with any organization that handles, holds, or transfers sensitive documents or technology.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your data is your organization's most important asset and we take our role as guardians seriously. Should the worst happen – whether it's a natural disaster like a flood, fire or earthquake, or a major cybersecurity breach – our disaster recovery and backup IT systems specialists will get you back in operation in a timely fashion. As a managed services IT company our services include everything from individual PC backup for standalone workstations, to server backup to third-party cloud backup of Microsoft 365 data.

Microsoft 365 Support

We highly recommend Microsoft 365 hosted services for all organizations. Our offering includes the various subscription options as well as migration to Microsoft's cloud and ongoing support services. If you haven't yet migrated to Microsoft 365, rest assured we will make the process as seamless as possible. We will provide training on best practices in using Microsoft 365 applications and services. We will also support your Microsoft 365 services, including implementing security features to protect your data.

Cloud Computing

BSC specializes in fully managed, dedicated Server hosting. We’ll advise on the resources appropriate for your cloud hosting needs, to ensure a great user experience. Our hosted Server options include Web/E-commerce servers, File, SQL, Remote Desktop and Application servers. Our data centre location is in Mississauga in a new state-of-the-art facility.

Network Installations

To ensure that your organization has the physical and virtual network it requires to run efficiently, our computer network specialists will consult with you to determine exactly what you do, and don’t need. Our services include installation of Servers, desktops, laptops, firewalls, switches, Wi-Fi equipment and VPN connections. We also integrate any cloud services such as email, data backup and hosted applications or Servers. As a Microsoft Partner since 1999, we have both the expertise and experience to ensure your computer network installation project is designed in an efficient, secure and cost-effective manner.

Microsoft Teams Phone

There’s no need for a clunky PBX when you have the option to take everything to the cloud. Designed as an add-on to Microsoft 365, Teams Phone is suited to small and medium sized organizations. It’s packed with all the features you’ll need. Now you can combine calling, chatting and virtual meetings into a single application, using each person’s preferred devices. Calls are secure and reliable, managed through Microsoft’s cloud. We use Microsoft Teams Phone ourselves and have performed many successful migrations to Microsoft’s system.