Is Your Organization Future-proofed?

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For any organization today, your IT infrastructure is an integral part of your success, whether you wish to acknowledge it or not. If you’re a one or two-person entity with a single shared PC or multi-office agency, this remains true regardless of size. The myriad of risks of running on out of date hardware, software and networking equipment in addition to not taking advantage of cloud services, include:  Downtime  Loss of critical data  Security breaches  Lost revenue  User frustration Another often overlooked consequence of not keeping current, comes to light when your organization wishes to implement a new software application or other technology. A common example is where a new software is only compatible with current PC and Server operating systems. If you’ve lagged behind in keeping your computers reasonably up to date, this can mean not only an investment in the new software, but also in replacing all or most of your PC’s and perhaps one or more Servers. This will often stall or even cancel your upgrade plans based on lack of budget for the ballooning costs. The benefits you were hoping to gain get put on the back burner for yet another day. Fundamental benefits of having an up to date infrastructure:  Improved network security  Future proofing for new technologies and trends to come  Creating a connected workforce with improved communications  Improved efficiency  Optimized productivity If you would like to discuss future-proofing for your organization, please give BSC Solutions Group a call today. Don’t wait any longer.

September 21, 2016 2:09:08 PM

Bill Boisvenue

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