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OneDrive has New File Collaboration Features

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OneDrive for Business continues to improve its collaboration capabilities, an aspect that has become essential to the changing landscape of the digital workplace, with the availability of new file collaboration features. You can now easily share, sync and collaborate all of your files that are in Office 365.Here are the latest features in OneDrive:1. Sync all your files across PC and Mac Previously, the files that your team were collaborating on mainly existed in SharePoint Online team sites and OneDrive folders shared by others. The latest update allows you to sync SharePoint Online team sites across PC and Mac platforms. This permits you to work with all of your Office 365 files just as would with files that are stored on your PC or Mac when you are online and offline.2. Sync SharePoint sites and OneDrive for Business Shared folders You are now able to sync SharePoint Online team sites directly to OneDrive, which makes it easier for users to access files and information. You can also sync OneDrive for Business shared folders.3. Activity Center The activity center in the latest OneDrive sync client for Windows and Mac provides you with detailed information on the most recent activity and status. 4. A New Onboarding Experience For new OneDrive users, there is now an updated onboarding experience that provides instructions on common activities performed in OneDrive such as uploading documents, and collaborating with others.5. New Sharing Options The updated sharing options keeps you better informed on who you are sharing files to and gives you a notification when you are sharing to someone who is outside of your organization. The sharing pane on the right allows you to set permissions such as a link expiry date for external users.6. Simplified Guest Access For external users who do not have an Office 365 or Microsoft account, there is now a simplified account setup process to access the shared files more quickly.Click here for further information on OneDrive’s latest update.

January 27, 2017 9:04:35 PM


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