OneDrive for Android New Features in Latest Update


Microsoft has been pushing to bring OneDrive to more devices along with improving various features in the OneDrive App. For those using an Android mobile device, here are 6 new features found in the updated OneDrive App:

1. Create Office Files right in the OneDrive App

Users are now able to create and store Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents in the OneDrive Android App without having to use a computer.

2. Enabled notifications for Real-Time Collaboration

Users are able to track how people access and modify collaborative documents. Microsoft has introduced a notification feature that notifies the user when another user accesses and edits the document.

3. View and Manage SharePoint Site

Users can access their SharePoint Site within the OneDrive Android App. This feature is only available, however, to those using OneDrive for Business.

4. Preview Office Documents

Users can now quickly preview their documents before fully editing them without needing to open the document in a separate Office app.

5. Scan documents

Documents can be scanned through the Office Lens and then saved and uploaded to the cloud. This feature is again only available to those using OneDrive for Business.

6. PDF annotation and drawing

OneDrive now supports annotations, drawings, and highlights to be made directly in the PDF file in OneDrive.