Watch this short video and discover the unique benefits of the NEWT Phone Systsem


Fibernetics is one of Canada’s fastest growing and most innovative telecommunications companies, based in Cambridge, Ontario. Established in 1997 with a coast-to-coast network supporting over 300,000 customers. Government Regulated Phone Company (CLEC).


The NEWT Managed PBX

The NEWT Managed PBX combines the strengths of both hosted IP phone systems and traditional on- premise private branch exchanges (PBXs), delivering a superior solution supporting an industry leading set of business class features.

Key Benefits

Significant cost savings on monthly telecom bills

Excellent Quality of Service (QoS) based on unique architecture

Business Continuity / Disaster Protection

Security - Business calls traverse Fibernetics’ private network; not the public Internet

Fully managed, fully supported end-to-end solution

90+ features (80 included in base system)


Key Included Features

Voicemail / Visual Voicemail / Voicemail to Email

Find Me Follow Me

Automated Attendant

Desktop Call Management

Call Detail Records

Call Park/Pickup/Paging/Zone Paging

Cloud Conference Bridge

Scalable from a few to over 100 concurrent

Key Optional Features

Call Recording

Contact Centre (ACD)

Fax to Email

Softphone / Mobile Client

Connector for Salesforce

PBX High Availability / Cold Spare Option



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