New Privacy and Security Features Introduced in iOS 14

iOS 14 Phone

Apple has added a whole host of new features to the iOS 14 software update, from redesigning widgets to better customization for Memojis. Nevertheless, the fun, new features come with some important security and privacy features designed to keep iPhone users’ data safe.

We have summarized the most important new privacy features from Apple you should take advantage of below.


Website Privacy Report

Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention allows you to view a Privacy Report showing all cross-site trackers that are being blocked.

Password monitoring

Keeping an eye out for passwords that may have been involved in a data breach, Safari monitors your saved passwords to ensure they are secure. Safari’s secure and private encrypted password derivation algorithm regularly checks these derivations against a list of compromised passwords to make sure your personal information isn’t revealed—even to Apple! If Safari discovers a security breach, it will offer to upgrade you to Sign in with Apple or create a new, secure password for you automatically.


Privacy information on the App Store

The privacy practices of an app developer can now be viewed in a simple, easy-to-read format from the summary section of the product page, which lists the data that the developer collects and uses to track your activity. You will never have to make an uninformed decision before downloading a product from the App Store again!

App Tracking Transparency16

You must give permission to developers before they can track you. But nothing is forever—are you thinking of changing your preferences? Within Settings, you can now see which apps have been given permission to track you and easily set and change your preferences with just a few taps.

Approximate location

The new setting feature allows you to share an app’s approximate location rather than your exact location.

Limited Photos library access

When you give access to your photos to a developer, you now have the option of sharing only selected items or allowing them access to your entire library.

Recording indicator

Both in the app and the Control Center, iOS now displays an indicator to notify you when an app is using the mic or camera.

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