New Office 365 Apps for Marketing, Invoicing, Mileage Tracking

Office 365 Business Center Screen Shot

Some exciting new apps will soon be added at no extra charge to Office 365 Business Premium subscriptions.  These include Microsoft Connections (a marketing tool), Microsoft Invoicing, MileIQ (for mileage tracking) and Microsoft Listings.  To manage these apps and data, the new Office 365 Business Center will bring them all together in a unified dashboard. There you will be able to view key metrics from all the business apps, such as total outstanding invoices, number of appointments scheduled (Bookings app), details about sent email campaigns and more.

Microsoft Connections:  This tool includes pre-designed templates for newsletters, customer referrals or announcements, allowing you to easily create email marketing campaigns.  Allowing people to join or unsubscribe from your mailing list is also simple to set up.  Contacts in your email list can be segmented to receive different communications.  As each email campaign is delivered, details such as open rates, clicks, new subscribers, unsubscribed numbers and more are provided so you can evaluate the success of your campaigns.

Microsoft Invoicing:  This is used to quickly create invoices and estimates. With a view to enabling quick payment, this app has the ability to integrate with PayPal, enabling online credit and debit card payments.  A QuickBooks connector is an additional feature that will synchronize customer and catalogue data.

MileIQThis is the leading mileage tracking application. Tracking and reporting miles or kms driven for the purpose of taxation can be fairly difficult especially for those who use personal cars for business purposes.  MileIQ offers a solution through automated mileage logging and drives detection. One can easily classify the usage of their car as personal or for business with just a single swipe of your mobile device. Over four million people have benefited from MileIQ as an efficient tool in saving time and money.

Microsoft Listings:  This allows easier set up and management of  business Listings on Google, Facebook, Yelp and Bing.  It is also helpful when monitoring business online views and reviews, which are summarized on a single dashboard for all your listings.

These new Office 365 Business Premium Apps are not generally available yet but you should see them appear before the end of 2017.

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