New Medical Robotics Allow for Needle Free Injection

Injection Needle

As admirers of all things technology-related, the team at BSC Solutions Group keeps a close eye on trends and innovation.  Speaking of which, we were thrilled to learn of the recent breakthrough and hard work of a company founded at the University of Waterloo. They recently unveiled their mechanical engineering marvel that performed the first autonomous robotic intramuscular injection without using a needle.

Cobionix, an autonomous robotics company located in Kitchener-Waterloo, used a platform called Cobi to give the shot. This is terrific news for many reasons!

Why Is This Good News For Technology?

Cobionix’s technology defines itself as ‘Autonomous Robotics for Procedural Tasks.’ The company was founded by two colleagues who met as University of Waterloo students. Tim Lasswell, co-founder and CEO, and Nima Zamani, co-founder and CTO, have worked together for years.

While their central vision didn’t initially focus on vaccinations, Cobionix and the Cobi platform can execute a broad array of functions with complete robotic autonomy. This means the technology does not need to be run by a human—it can perform tasks on its own.

What Is The Significance Of This For The Medical Field?

As we know, the entire world has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need for safely executed medical procedures is on the rise. In a field where there are severe workforce constraints, Cobi’s technology can improve patient care.

According to Zamani, Cobi’s needle free injection capability could protect healthcare personnel, lower healthcare expenses, and enhance patient outcomes. He added that it also lessens the infrastructure requirements of vaccine clinics, which could enable service to populations in rural places with limited access to medical care.

The University Of Waterloo Is Proud Of This Leading Technology

The Cobionix team is currently working out of Velocity, the University of Waterloo’s business incubator.

Velocity makes a positive socioeconomic influence by assisting innovators and entrepreneurs in turning their ideas into scalable businesses. The organization’s executive director, Adrien Côté, expressed his enthusiasm at the chance to partner with another startup poised to make a massive difference.

Cobionix’s mission to improve efficiency and reduce labour shortages in healthcare, cleantech, and hospitality is well aligned with Velocity’s focus to support founders building for positive, global impact.

At BSC Solutions Group, we are happy to see fellow Ontarians doing so much to contribute to the world of technology, robotics, and business. As an Ontario-based information technology support firm, BSC Solutions Group works hard to help others with their technological needs, such as Cybersecurity Solutions, Microsoft 365 Migrations, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Network Installations and more. Get in touch today if you’re searching for IT support or services.