Microsoft Teams now available to Office 365 Users

Microsoft Teams home page

Microsoft Teams, the new chat service for the workplace which was previewed last year, is now available to Office 365 users. The new chat service is meant to bring together various tools into a single platform, such as meetings, notes, calendar and chat.

As it evolves, Teams looks to become the ideal productivity solution from Microsoft that is integrated with other Office 365 apps and creates new ways to work collaboratively. There will be over 150 software integrations with Teams in the future, as well as app connections and integrated bots.

Brian MacDonald, the vice president leading Microsoft Teams, says, “We see Teams as a chat-based workspace. There are different types of teams and collaboration, and different types of tools for each. Outlook is a hub you live in. Teams is a hub you live in. Unlike Slack, we are not trying to kill email. We’re building strong integration between the two.”

Watch the video below for new features you can find in Microsoft Teams: