Microsoft Teams – Lesser Known Features

Microsoft Teams

Working remotely has become the new norm over the past year and a half. An article by Forbes shows that 97% of employees surveyed do not want to return to the office full time, and 74% of professionals anticipate remote work becoming more of a standard in the future.

Video conferencing software, such as Microsoft Teams, has made it easy to connect with your co-workers, no matter where they are in the world. It’s no secret that face-to-face networking is more effective and more engaging than audio conferencing. There are many benefits to using Teams, including enhancing collaboration, facilitating networking—even improving your business’s efficiency and bottom line!

But there’s more to Microsoft Teams than just video conferencing. Learn more about some lesser known Microsoft Teams features below.

End To End Collaboration for Your Entire Team

Gone are the days of squishing into a stuffy office with your co-workers for an in-person presentation. No matter how you need to communicate with your team, you can do it within Microsoft Teams! Securely share important files, host interactive and engaging webinars, and effectively manage workloads no matter where you are. Teams even allows you to seamlessly communicate across language barriers to improve cross-team connection across geographic regions.

Many other platforms automatically delete chat logs and files after the call has ended. Teams keeps a record of this data. Microsoft Teams offers superior Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine-learning features, making it easy to get your work done without relying on third-party apps or IT resources.

Easily Integrate Apps, Bots, and Automation

Customize your Microsoft Teams experience and take your productivity to the next level with integrated apps, bots, and automation services. Microsoft Teams users can choose from a library of 800+ in-house apps expertly designed to support and streamline their day-to-day work.

Other platforms require the use of third-party apps which may disrupt the user experience. Additionally, support for automation is often limited on other platforms, leaving teams to rely on manual work.

Superior Data Protection for Users

Microsoft Teams is a safe, secure platform with built-in data loss prevention functionality which covers files, chats, and content. You can even manage who can take control of the screen, who can record meetings, and who can access the recordings.

Microsoft has carried their legacy of safety and security into their Teams platform, giving business owners the confidence they need to continue providing remote work opportunities for their employees.

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