Microsoft Offers Paid Windows 7 Extended Support

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For those who have not yet replaced or upgraded all their Windows 7 computers, the January 14, 2020 deadline is about to arrive.  That’s when Microsoft will stop providing patches & updates (including security patches) for the Windows 7 operating system.  We’ve been talking to our clients about this deadline for the past few years.

If you’re still in the midst of migrating to Windows 10 and won’t be able to complete this project by the deadline, there is now another option.   We have just this week obtained pricing from Microsoft that will provide extended support for an annual fee per computer, up to January 2023.  At this point we only know the cost for the first-year extension.  Our understanding is that this cost will increase (possibly double) each additional year.

Enabling this extended support requires that each computer have a MAK key license installed, in order to enroll individual PCs in the Extended Updates Program.

If you intend to continue operating Windows 7 computers on your network past January 14, 2020, we strongly recommend purchasing this extended protection to avoid adding un-necessary security risks to your computer network.  The cost of a data breach or Ransomware attack could easily exceed the cost of replacing those PCs or purchasing the extended support.

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