Microsoft launches a new Office 365 App: StaffHub


Microsoft has launched their latest app called StaffHub for Office 365 customers. StaffHub is a shift management tool that makes it easy for companies to create and manage shift schedules for their employees, particularly those who do not have a dedicated work space or computer.

For managers, creating, maintaining and delivering work schedules to employees can be a difficult and time consuming process. With Microsoft StaffHub, managers can quickly manage shift schedules through a simple interface.

For employees, they can access all shift information and swap shifts with other employees right in the StaffHub mobile app. The home screen gives employees a summary of their upcoming shifts with important notes, other employees that are scheduled, and who they will be working with.

There are times when schedule conflicts will arise and Microsoft StaffHub takes that into account. StaffHub has made it easy to swap shifts or to offer shifts to other employees. These requests will be sent to a manger for approval. Whenever there is an update to the schedule, automatic notifications are sent to the involved team members.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of Microsoft StaffHub:

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