Microsoft 365 Business Voice Phone System

This Office 365 business phone system add-on is available with Microsoft 365 plans that include Teams

Microsoft Business Voice Phone System

Microsoft 365

Business Voice Phone System

Microsoft 365 Business Voice has had office managers everywhere breathing a sign of relief since its introduction in 2020. As a cloud-based VoIP business phone system that integrates with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Business Voice makes it possible to enjoy enterprise-quality phone system features without needing to purchase and maintain a physical PBX (Private Branch Exchange.) 

Microsoft Teams has become a critical application in use by many organizations during this pandemic, work-from-home era. That being the case, transitioning your phone system to Teams may not be much of a leap. Now you can combine calling, chatting and virtual meetings into a single application, using each person’s preferred devices.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice comes fully loaded with all your favourite commercial phone system features such as auto-attendant, extension dialing, conferencing and more. The difference is that unlike your average PBX, this VoIP phone service is fully scalable as your workforce and customer base grows. 

Whether you have salespeople on the road or work-from-home staff members, it’s simple to stay in touch and stay organized. Microsoft 365 Business Voice is the next generation in communications for small and medium size businesses.

Watch a 2-minute overview video on Microsoft 365 Business Voice HERE.

Phone System


Auto Attendant

Inbound calls are answered with a recorded message and routed to the right person or queue.


Access voicemail messages from anywhere from any device.

Call Queues

Set up music on hold, custom greetings and shared voicemail.

Contact Centre Integration

Built in call centre capability. Your customers will always be routed to the correct department, extension and mailbox.


Choose from a comprehensive range of Teams-enabled devices.

how it works

Things to know

Things to Know About the Office 365 Business Voice System:

  • This is an enterprise-grade VoIP business phone system. Calls are secure and reliable, managed through Microsoft’s cloud.
  • You can receive new phone numbers or continue using your existing numbers.
  • One single number can connect to several devices, including smartphone, PC, laptop, desk phone, or tablet.
  • With one click you can make calls from Teams, Outlook, or your mobile device.
  • If meeting participants aren’t at a computer, they can dial in using the assigned dial-in number for all your Teams meetings. This way, everyone can participate.
  • The Microsoft Business Voice system is managed via the Office 365 admin console.
  • A status indicator shows others at a glance when you’re on a call, out of the office, or available.

 See a more complete list of features here:  innovative features of Microsoft 365 Business Voice

As a Microsoft partner since 1999, we have performed countless, seamless migrations to Microsoft 365 cloud services, including Teams setup and training.  Since its introduction in 2020, we have also successfully completed a number of Microsoft 365 Business Voice projects.  

Are you planning a move to Microsoft 365 cloud services? We can migrate your phone services at the same time, so all your important communications and data run on the tried-and-true Microsoft platform. 

We’re here to answer all your questions about Microsoft 365 Voice services and will be happy to help you decide whether it’s right for your organization.  Reach out to us today.