Microsoft 365 Cyber Security – Make it a Priority

Microsoft 365 security

Ever since the world went online in the mid-90s, cyber security has been an ongoing game of cat and mouse between security software developers and hackers. High-profile breaches and attacks have inspired many organizations to reconsider their online security.  After all, a lot can happen if your corporate credentials are leaked onto the dark web!

Just because you have security software does not mean you’re automatically protected. Read on to learn more about why you should make managing your Microsoft 365 cyber security a priority.

Take Steps to Prevent and Detect Attacks

Security features available with Microsoft 365 can be an integral part of your organization’s protection plan, but it’s important to know how to set them up properly and utilize them to their fullest potential.

Microsoft 365 supports a variety of features, including incident response, User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), audit logging, data discovery, and more. However, it’s important to note that additional licensing may be required in order to enable some of these advanced monitoring and alerting features

Users are also encouraged to take additional actions to be proactive and reduce the risk of attack, such as:

  • Enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Using dedicated administrative accounts
  • Blocking email attachments commonly associated with attacks
  • Implementing mail flow directives to guard against ransomware
  • Implementing a Phishing training program to educate employees on the tricks to watch out for

Consistently Monitor Your Microsoft 365 Cyber Security Environment

Cyber security is not a “set it and forget it” type of service. Organizations are advised to keep a close eye on their Microsoft 365 environment and look for any changes. Anything suspicious should be actioned immediately to reduce the risk (or severity) of an attack.

Taking action could mean deleting user profiles, changing passwords, tracking logins across geo-locations, auditing rules, and policies, or any number of additional actions to help keep you—and your data—protected.

Don’t have the time or the skill necessary? We get it. The team at BSC Solutions Group is happy to be your “IT Guardian Angels”. As part of our service, we have configured alerts for our client tenant accounts that are sent to our team, so that we can respond and take action on your behalf as needed. We’ve developed a set of best practices that we implement for all clients as part of a co-managed Microsoft 365 cyber security solution.

Cyber Security is a Shared Responsibility

It’s important to remember that having security software installed does not automatically mean you are completely safe from cyber attacks. Management is ultimately responsible to ensure they have adequate security measures in place, including consistently managing and monitoring security.

At BSC Solutions Group, we understand how overwhelming it can be to stay on top of managing your organization’s cyber security. That’s why we’re proud to provide comprehensive solutions to help keep you protected. We have helped small to medium-sized organizations throughout the Greater Toronto Area—and beyond—bring their organizations into the cloud safely. Visit our website to learn more or call 905-458-9333 (toll-free: 1-(800)-958-2341) to book a free consultation today!

October 06, 2021 8:41:44 PM

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