Carrying Too Many Loyalty Cards? Replace them with the Stocard App

pile of various loyalty cards

Are you carrying too many loyalty cards from supermarkets, department stores and other retailers? There’s a more convenient way to store them all in one spot through the Stocard Mobile App.

When it’s time to show your loyalty card at a store, you can simply open the mobile app where the loyalty card is stored and the cashier can then scan the barcode.

Stocard works with both Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.


How to Set Up Stocard

Once you download the app and open it up, you will click the “+” button to add a new card which prompts you to this window:



Here you can view and search in Stocard’s list of compatible retailers in order to add the matching loyalty card.


Once you’ve selected a retailer, you can add the loyalty card by scanning the barcode of your actual card or manually input the card number.



After the loyalty card is added, you can quickly access it in the main area of the app. When you tap on the card, your barcode will appear which can be scanned by the cashier.



Some day, we may not need wallets at all.