Laptop Battery Dying Quickly? Consider Using Microsoft Edge

Microsoft edge

Do you spend a lot of time simply browsing the Internet on your laptop and yet the battery life still seems to disappear quickly? One resolution for this is to use a more power efficient web browser in order to get more out of your laptop or tablet. Microsoft Edge was designed with power efficiency in mind so that the battery life can be extended without any changes to the default settings or special battery saving mode.

Microsoft conducted a test that measured the power consumption between Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera in a controlled lab environment. They performed typical web browsing activities in each browser: visiting popular sites (i.e. Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, etc.), scrolling through articles, and watching videos.

Below are the test results which showed that Microsoft Edge saved up to 36%-53% of the battery life.


In addition, they also created a time-lapse video of all four browsers streaming videos on seperate devices in order to determine how long each browser lasts. From this experiment, Microsoft Edge was able to last the longest in comparison to the competition.