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Your Top 5 Vulnerabilities

  1. Employees inadvertently allowing access to your network via a Phishing attack.
  2. Microsoft Windows and other software applications not having the latest security patches and updates.
  3. As of January, 2020, desktops or laptops running Windows 7 or older operating systems.
  4. As of January, 2020, Servers running Windows Server 2008 or older operating systems.
  5. A data backup solution that:
    1. is not automated,
    2. doesn’t backup up your data regularly (hourly is recommended)
    3. is not checked daily to ensure backups are completing successfully
    4. doesn’t back up your data both locally and to the cloud.

If concerns about your level of Business Computer Security are making you more uneasy lately,
they should be.

You have a responsibility to your company, its employees, your customers and your business partners to keep your data protected and minimize business disruptions.

There is an expectation by all parties, that you are taking reasonable precautions to protect your data and network. A firewall and antivirus software alone, are no longer considered adequate precautions.

As of November 1, 2018, Canadian companies are required to report data breaches to customers, affected third parties and the federal privacy commissioner.

The good news is you've come to the right place. Get started with an initial IT Security Assessment/IT Security Audit, followed by a Cyber Security Strategy that fits the unique needs of your organization and your budget.

7 Critical Components of a Cyber Security Strategy

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    “We have seen an improvement in awareness of Phishing traps as a result of the quarterly campaigns and on-line training videos that our employees have received. We would highly recommend the Cyber Security Services that BSC offers as it gives you greater confidence that your network is secure from the many online threats in this day and age.”

    – Tony, General Manager, Industrial Cabling Distributor

    “Hiring BSC has saved me lots of time and given me peace of mind that they are monitoring our network and data backup and I know that in an emergency situation I can count on them to be there and to handle things.”

    – Andy, Owner & General Manager, Auto Dealership Group

    “BSC has helped us institute a Phishing training program for all PC users that has paid off on a number of occasions.”

    – Bob, General Manager, Truck Body Manufacturer



    Getting your computer network, phones and software applications to work shouldn’t be a monumental project;
    yet we constantly hear from frustrated organizations like yours who call us when they’ve finally
    had enough of the poor services and excuses from their current IT support firm.

    Our offer of a FREE Service ticket is a no-risk way of introducing our services.
    Let us diagnose and work on the computer problem of your choice and
    find out what over 25 years of service excellence feels like.

    Accepting this free offer in no way obligates you to do any further business with us but of course we hope you will!

    1. Because our resources are not unlimited, the free service ticket will cover a maximum of 2 hours of remote support for 1 service issue.
    2. Since customers who are the best fit for our services have a minimum of 10 computers, this free offer only applies to organizations of this size.
    3. This offer applies only to organizations who are not already a customer of BSC Solutions Group.

    Please fill out this form and a BSC Solutions Group “IT Guardian Angel”
    will contact you within 24 hours.

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