iOS 10: Top 6 New Features Coming to iPhones


Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2016 kicked off on June 13, 2016 where iOS 10, the latest operating system software for iPhones and iPads, was unveiled. Here are the top 6 new features to look forward to when the full release comes this fall:

1. Siri – Developers can now incorporate Siri into their apps which will make it more integrated into the iPhone. You will be able to use Siri for various commands on apps such as WhatsApp, and Pinterest.

2. iMessage – Messages now have “rich links” which means you can play videos from YouTube or songs from Music that were sent to you without leaving the iMessage app. The update also includes more expressive messages such as animations, handwritten notes, and automatic suggestions to replace words with emojis. You can also add various effects to the text such as making it larger or smaller. Lastly, there will be third party integration in an app drawer that allows you to perform actions within iMessage such as sending money through your banking app.

3. Photos – Apple’s machine learning will all take place locally on your device by sorting through your photos to perform face recognition, and object recognition. This will provide users with the ability to sort their photos by person, date and place.

4. Hide Apple Apps – For those who don’t use the preloaded Apple apps on their iPhones, you will finally be able to remove them from your Home Screen. You can view the list of apps that you can remove here.

5. Raise to Wake – A new addition to the iOS experience is the “Raise to Wake” feature which automatically turns on the screen as you lift your iPhone so you can view your notifications at a glance within the lock screen.

6. Rich Notifications – The “rich notifications” in iOS 10 allows users to get more information from apps without having to unlock their phones. Through the use of 3D Touch, users can interact with app notifications and receive real-time content without unlocking.