How-To Video – OneDrive Files on Demand

onedrive files on demand explorer with files and folders image

If you are running Windows 10 and have upgraded to the Fall Creator or April 2018 Update, this includes the latest version of OneDrive. This version of OneDrive now offers OneDrive Files on Demand, which is a new caching capability that can help conserve disk space on your local device and make it easier to browse and retrieve your OneDrive files. 

Previously all of your OneDrive files would automatically sync to your local hard drive (or you could choose just specific folders) but with OneDrive Files on Demand, your local computer has a placeholder for each file instead. This allows you to view all of your files and folders that are stored in the cloud without having to synchronize them. To access these files, simply open them on your computer and they will download automatically from the cloud. Once they have downloaded, they will stay synchronized to your device unless you free up space and purge the local copy. There is still the ability to select any files or folders and choose “Always keep on device” so they are available to you even without an Internet connection. 

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of OneDrive Files on Demand.

For more details on OneDrive Files on Demand, see here.

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