How to Keep Your Corporate Credentials off the Dark Web

The Dark Web

It has never been more important to ensure your corporate credentials are secure. In today’s digital age, many services have moved online—including financial records, human resources, product data, and so much more.  Data from cybersecurity firm Digital Shadows shows that over 15 billion credentials are currently available on the dark web, a 300% increase from 2018.  Stolen passwords give cybercriminals access to corporate networks. Some use this access to download private, high-value information, while others deploy malware to gain total control over the network, holding it for ransom. These ransomware attacks often yield as much as 10 times the initial cost of the credentials.

Fortunately, there are steps companies can take to protect their credentials and keep them away from the dark web. Read on for some top tips.

Use Unique Passwords and Change Them Frequently

A shocking 51% of people use the same password for multiple logins, with many employees using the same password for both their personal accounts and work information. Even Fortune 1000 employees rely on easy-to-guess passwords such as “password” or “1234567890.” It’s not surprising, since most employees often have many accounts they need to log into regularly.

Secure password manager software can help make it easier for employees to keep track of their unique passwords across multiple logins. Requiring your staff to regularly change their password will also help boost network security since any “leaked” passwords would be considered out of date after a few months.

Educate Your Employees on Security Best Practices

Most employees are aware that poor spelling/grammar and promises of money in exchange for unusual requests are telltale signs of phishing emails. However, today’s hackers are incredibly strategic when it comes to creating a convincing scam, with some even trolling a target’s social media to make the email enticing and relevant to them.

Employees can be duped by a legitimate-looking phishing email, particularly one positioned to appear as though it was sent by someone with senior authority in the company. One study found a concerning 47% of employees reporting that they fell for an email scam because they were distracted by other work.

Training employees takes time and effort, but it’s a worthy investment if it means protecting your company from a cyberattack.

Consider Going Passwordless

Modern security solutions have transcended beyond the need for passwords. Many corporations are choosing to find alternative methods of network security, such as hardware tokens, fingerprint scanners, and more.

At BSC Solutions Group, we take cybersecurity seriously. We’ll start by identifying your vulnerabilities, and then take the appropriate steps to address them in a way that balances both industry best practices and your budget. Visit our website to learn more about our cybersecurity services or get in touch today to get started!