How to Benefit Most From Your IT Services Provider


Hiring the right Managed IT Services company is a task you should undertake with great consideration.  Just like your corporate lawyer or accountant, you’re ultimately seeking a company you can put your trust in.  Only the experts can truly understand the complicated world of IT, which has become infinitely more so with the need to protect against increasing threats of cyberattack. 

Once you have made the choice of a Managed IT Services Provider that fits your criteria, including having your best interests at heart, you need to make the leap of faith and put your trust in their advice.   

Here are some other pointers:

  1. Give the respect and importance to your Managed IT Services Provider that they deserve. Much of what they do for you is not visible, like monitoring and maintaining your network plus continually working to keep it and your data as secure as possible.  Because of this, it’s easy to lose sight of the critical services they perform.  They keep the backbone of your organization running.  If your network is running pretty smoothly, that means they’re doing their job.  A mostly trouble-free network doesn’t happen on its own. 
  1. Include your IT advisors in management decisions that could have any possible impact on your IT systems. Don’t let them be an afterthought you only think of when something goes wrong.  We’ve seen this happen too many times where customers have purchased phone systems, cameras systems or even new line-of-business software, only to have problems arise that could have been avoided, had they consulted with us ahead of time.   
  1. Accept that where your IT people have standardized on certain hardware equipment brands, they have chosen them for a reason, and you should follow their lead wherever possible. After all, they are responsible for supporting that equipment moving forward, so have every reason to make good choices based on previous testing and experience.  
  1. Pay attention to what your IT advisor has to say about cybersecurity. They are not fear mongering.  The threats are real and growing.
  2. Accept that it may not always be possible to fully explain in layman’s terms certain actions that your IT people may take, or certain recommendations they make.  Computer technology is complex and sometimes you just have to lean on your trust relationship and let them do what needs to be done.
  3. Accept that you may pay a little more for certain items. For example, you might find a  laptop computer quoted by your IT company, elsewhere for cheaper.  Don’t forget to take into account, however, that your IT company will have spent time sourcing a laptop that would fit your particular needs, in your price range, and of a brand they are confident in.  Sometimes they provide more than one option for you to consider, including suggested accessories. All of this is time invested in providing good customer service, which has a value.   Finally, when you receive that laptop, you likely have payment terms, rather than having to pay up-front from a retailer.
  4. Pay your invoices on time. Your IT company is providing essential services.  The largest proportion of their costs are the wages of their technical team.  As such, shouldn’t paying your IT invoices be as important as processing your payroll?

Following these tips will help you benefit most from your IT Services Provider by building a strong partnership of respect and trust.  If you don’t have respect or trust towards your current IT company, perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere. 

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