How Crucial VPNs Are for Small Businesses

How Crucial VPNs Are for Small Businesses

Whether you own a large company or a small business, you might need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN offers great advantages for both you and your workers.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of using a VPN for your business:

How Does a VPN Work?

A VPN can protect your private data from hackers and other privacy risks

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. As the name suggests, this gives its users a private network so they can safely connect to the Internet. A VPN acts as a middleman while keeping your information private.

The VPN re-routes your laptop’s Internet connection through the VPN’s private server. Then, the data you transmit to the Internet will come from the VPN instead of your Internet service provider (ISP). It creates a safe passage between you and the Internet through encryption. So as you browse, your real IP address and your identity are kept safe.


Encryption plays a role in protecting your data. This transforms your data into a more complex code so that it cannot be read easily by unauthorized individuals. The only way to return it to its original form is with a key, which is known only by the VPN server and your computer. To make your data readable again, the code undergoes decryption, the process of decoding data using the key.

While VPN services feature multiple types of encryption processes, they all have similar steps which can be seen in the following:

  1. Once you connect to a VPN, it goes through a secure tunnel where it encodes your data. As your data travels from your computer to the VPN server, the data becomes an unreadable code.
  2. The device you are using is now recognized as being on the same local network as the VPN. This means that your device takes on the IP address of one of the VPN servers.
  3. With the VPN masking your personal data, you are now free to browse.

Types of VPN

Know which type of VPN your company needs

Just as there are several types of devices you can connect to the Internet, there are different types of VPNs you can use. Various VPNs work directly with the settings of an operating system. Through this, browsers, apps, and other programs that connect to the Internet can be protected by the VPNs.

  • Standalone VPN Services – This type of VPN uses an application that creates an encrypted connection to the private network. This is usually the choice for small businesses and homes.
  • Router VPN – You can also use a VPN through a VPN-enabled router. This protects every device that connects to it. Also, you would no longer have to install the VPN individually to said devices.
  • Corporate VPN – This enables companies to secure their workers’ access to private company data. Companies and organizations use this type to accommodate remote workers.
  • Browser Extensions – There are some VPNs that you can use as an extension or add-on to your browser. However, keep in mind that this type can only protect your data when you are using the browser with the extension.

What Are the Advantages of VPN for Your Business?

Security may be the primary justification a business needs for VPN access, but it’s not the only one. There are several other reasons your company should consider using VPNs:

  • More Accessible Websites

Your workers might not be able to easily gain access to websites

One way a VPN can help with your small business is with its accessibility. If your workers are working remotely (whether at home or on the road), they might experience difficulties or be unable to access websites whose admittance depends on location. This can hinder productivity and affect your overall  business.

  • Improves Network Performance

Once you have implemented a VPN in the workplace, the bandwidth and network efficiency can improve. Several ISPs can control traffic through bandwidth throttling. This can slow down the network speed of your business. When you use a VPN, it protects your network speed.

  • Provides More Security

Many coffee shops provide free Wi-Fi for their customers

There might come a time when you or your workers will need to access websites in a public place. If your workers are on a business trip, they might not have any other choice but to use public WiFi. While it is fortunate that the cafe you might be in offers free Wi-Fi, they might not be able to guarantee the safety of your business data. However, using a VPN encrypts and protects your data from that risk. Hackers will have a very difficult time reaching your IP address and stealing your data.

  • Ensures Your Privacy

With a VPN, you have the choice to select and use a different IP address. This gives you and your workers online anonymity. A VPN can also secure your online transactions, as well as online messages between you and your workers. Since it masks your real IP address, no one can trace it and gain access and collect your data. A VPN can help you keep your files confidential and your business data private.

  • Affordable Prices

Keeping your data safe does not have to be expensive

Another advantage of using a VPN is its affordability. Prices for multiple VPN plans are not expensive and once a VPN network is ready to be used, its maintenance cost is low. Also, operational costs are low compared to using a Wide Area Network, or WAN. Investing in a VPN allows you to keep sensitive data safe without breaking the bank.

  • Promotes Safer File-Sharing

Storing your small business’s data online is not unheard of and you can do so by using cloud storage. It can be helpful and advantageous to keep your business’s data online. This makes it easier for you and your workers to locate what you might need. If your workers also need to access and share these files with each other, they can do so easily.

Using a VPN can secure your connection to your cloud storage when you have to access it. This also secures the data in cloud storage and keeps unauthorized entities out.

The use of a VPN can be greatly advantageous for small businesses. It reduces the risk of hackers or other unauthorized people collecting private information.

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