How Your Heart May Be The Key To Computer Security

Human Heart

Forget futuristic, Mission Impossible-like retina scans and voice recognition technology to access your private data. The secret to the ultimate computer security lies within our bodies. More specifically, it lies in our hearts!

Researchers at the University of Buffalo, New York, have developed a non-contact security system that uses the shape of your heart as the key.

Why the heart? Well, like snowflakes, there hasn’t been any record of two hearts having the same physical characteristics.  In addition, the heart is a dependable identifier as it doesn’t change shape over time (unless from heart disease).

This system of security could not only be used for computers, but the same technology could be applied to smartphones and soon, airport screening points. Researchers are confident that the heart scan technology is much safer and more secure as compared to current security systems such as bio-metrics and passwords.  It rivals that of biometric security systems as the heart scan’s technology operates in real time. There’s no need to type in passwords and the computer automatically blocks access from other individuals.

The heart scan technology utilizes a special low-level Doppler scanner to scan your heart for the first time and monitor it thereafter. Typically, it only takes about 8 seconds to do a complete heart scan before the security system can be set up. The heart scan makes use of the heart’s geometry, including the size and the shape, and even it’s rhythmic movement in the identification process.


The Doppler scanner is weaker than Wi-Fi signals so it doesn’t pose a health risk for individuals, according to researcher, Professor Xu.  Believe it or not, this type of technology has existed for almost 10 years, but it’s primarily used for measuring electrocardiogram signals. No company or individual has customized the technology to scan the heart’s unique geometry and turn it into a means of electronic identification.

The Buffalo University researchers are scheduled to present the technology during the 23rd Annual International Conference at the MobiCom (Mobile Computing and Communication) this month (October, 2017).

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