Ford’s Repossession System Computer

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As AI development continues to advance, so does research into the construction of self-driving cars. Have you heard about Ford’s repossession system computer? In August 2021, Ford filed a patent application for a system that could let cars lock their drivers out or even repossess themselves if their owners fail to make payments on time.

Let’s look at the patent in more detail and review some of its implications.

What Is a Repossession System Computer?

According to Ford’s patent application, this system would facilitate the process of reminding drivers about missed payments by creating discomfort at first and raising the stakes later by taking drastic measures such as locking drivers out. The repossession system computer is intended to ensure that owners are responsible and make payments on time.

How Would The Repossession System Computer Work?

Initial warnings about missing payments could include minor annoyances such as emitting an “incessant and unpleasant sound” whenever the driver is inside the vehicle. If the driver ignores the warnings, the computer will proceed to disable the functionality of features such as cruise control, GPS, air conditioning, and the radio.

If the owner still does not act on the missing-payments warning, the computer will take more drastic measures, such as locking the owner out. However, this might only happen on weekends so as not to affect the owner’s ability to earn money. Another scenario is that the car might define a “geofence” around the driver’s home, allowing the person to use the car only within those parameters.

In the event that the owner is still behind on payments at this point, the car’s system may take even more drastic measures. Autonomous cars can drive themselves to repossession agencies, lending institutions, or impound lots convenient to tow trucks. The repossession system computer may even communicate with the lending institution’s computer to determine the car’s market value. If repossession would cost more than the vehicle is worth, the car could even drive itself to a scrapyard.

What Are The Future Applications of Repossession System Computers?

The patent application has been met with mixed reactions. While some view the use of technology as a necessary step towards more efficient and streamlined debt collection, others argue that such measures could infringe upon the privacy and property rights of the vehicle owner. Some have also raised concerns about the potential for technical malfunctions that could lead to wrongful repossession.

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