Facebook Facial Recognition Technology: A Privacy Threat?


Facebook knows your face very well thanks to their facial recognition technology called DeepFace. The social media giant encourages users to “tag” people in photographs in order to collect information that is stored in their database. The stored information is collected over time so that DeepFace can match other photos of a person that are uploaded on Facebook. DeepFace can recognize faces with an accuracy of 97.25% in comparison to an accuracy of 97.5% for humans.

Over the years, users have voiced their concerns on what Facebook does with this collected information based on images in their database. Facebook does not ask permission as to what they can do with the stored photos. This information can be sold to retailers or be forced to be turned over to law enforcement without users knowing.

The facial recognition technology can give other companies the potential to profit from biometric data. In addition, the billions of stored images could end up being more valuable to identity thieves than names, credit card numbers and addresses. This is because biometric data (such as retinas, fingerprints, blood samples and face geometry) are completely unique identifiers.

Watch the video below for more details on how DeepFace works: