Don’t wait to upgrade from Windows 10

Windows 10 clock

Windows 10 end-of-life is scheduled for fall of 2025.  While that may sound like it’s a long way off, it’s coming faster than you might think. This is a significant event for businesses worldwide. While the risks of not updating are well-known, there’s another pressing reason to act now: the potential for shortages and time constraints. Waiting could be a strategic misstep for your business.

Supply and demand

In the tech world, demand can outstrip supply quickly, especially when an entire operating system approaches its End Of Life. Manufacturers and vendors often experience a surge in demand for new hardware and software as businesses scramble to update their systems. This rush can lead to shortages, meaning your business might not get the necessary computers in time, leading to unwanted downtime.

Time: The Non-Renewable Resource

Updating an entire business’s computer systems requires careful planning, execution, and adjustment. Waiting until the last minute could put your business in a position where there simply isn’t enough time to complete the transition smoothly. This could result in your business making rushed decisions, experiencing longer wait times, or incurring increased costs that could all have been avoided with proper planning. By acting early, you avoid the last-minute rush. You’ll have the luxury of time, and you can ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible for your employees.

Leveraging New Technology

Updating your systems before the EOL of Windows 10 also means that you may be able to take advantage of new technology sooner. This can give your business a competitive edge, as you’ll be able to leverage improved performance and the latest features to drive your business forward.

Ensuring Business Continuity

A smooth transition from Windows 10 is crucial for maintaining business continuity. By updating your systems now, you can ensure that there are no interruptions to your business operations. This proactive approach allows you to maintain the level of service your customers expect and depend on.

Employee Training and Adaptation

Employees need time to adapt to new systems. By updating now, you can provide ample time for training and adaptation, ensuring that your team is comfortable and proficient with the new technology. This investment in your employees can lead to increased productivity and morale.

Strategic Planning Pays Off

Waiting until the last minute to update your systems from Windows 10 could lead to a reactive, rather than proactive, approach. By acting now, you can align the update with your business’s strategic goals, ensuring that the new technology supports your long-term vision.

The end of life for Windows 10 is not just a technical milestone; it’s a strategic opportunity for your business. Don’t let shortages and time constraints dictate your business’s technology decisions. Act now to ensure a smooth transition and position your business for success.

At BSC Solutions Group we are actively reviewing our current customers’ hardware specifications and assessing which computers are good candidates for upgrades vs complete replacement.  If your business needs help with a transition from Windows 10, contact us today for a consultation.