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Competition Bureau of Canada warns consumers of Scareware Scam

computer screenshot warning of a virus detection
By MalwareHelp.Org
The Competition Bureau of Canada has issued a warning to consumers to hang up on phone calls that come from people who claim to be tech experts and who say your computer is infected with a virus. The supposed tech expert will use scare tactics by saying that you will lose everything and your private information will be stolen. They will then say that the only solution to protect your information is by buying their anti-virus software or to give them remote access to your computer. With such pressure, it may seem like the right choice, but beware that it is a scam known as scareware.Scareware can also come in the form of a pop-up message while you are browsing on the Internet. The pop-up will appear to be an official alert that indicates that your computer has been infected.Both forms of scareware are intended to make you believe that a tech expert from a well-known technology company is helping, however, it is a scam that can put your money and identity at risk.Here are the best ways to avoid falling victim to scareware according to the Competition Bureau:1. Hang Up: Most technology companies will not call you. Ignore the fake phone call.2. Protect your computer: Ensure that your computer has protection measures in place such as anti-virus and a firewall. These can detect and reject malicious programs from getting onto your computer.3. Use a pop-up blocker: Most browsers have a pop-up blocker which can help prevent these fraudulent pop-ups.4. Update your web browser and operating system to current versions: This will ensure that your computer can keep up to date in protecting against the latest viruses and malware.5. Secure your information: Do not share your login information. Use strong and unique passwords. Do not repeat passwords across your accounts.BSC Solutions Group specializes in managed IT Security services for organizations. Contact us today for an IT Security Assessment.

May 23, 2017 2:36:30 PM


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