All You Need to Know About Cloud Storage Security

cloud storage security

How Safe Are Cloud-Based Storage Solutions?

Cloud storage is a technology that stores digital data in logical pools – or “the cloud”. All kinds of files including documents, images and videos can be stored in these virtual digital clouds and shared directly with others.

While digital cloud storage has been a game-changer particularly in the areas of collaboration, data backup and remote work, it is important to consider cloud storage security when deciding which system to use.

In this article, we will discuss what makes a good cloud storage system and some important questions to consider when choosing cloud storage for your corporate workspace. 

Which is the Safest Cloud Storage Solution?

There are a number of different cloud storage solutions to choose from and they all work in a similar way. While no cloud storage can be 100% secure –  neither is storing files on your desktop or Server – some are more secure than others. 

Out of their top 7 cloud storage choices, PC Mag ranks Microsoft OneDrive at the top, with Dropbox and Apple iCloud Drive also featured on the list.

Can Cloud Storage Get Hacked?

Cloud storage is designed to be difficult to hack.. Developers are constantly releasing updates to help keep storage systems immune to the latest security threats. 

The greatest threat to your cloud data is the actions of employees who might fall prey to a ransomware attack or use weak passwords, amongst other possibilities.  This is a threat no matter where you choose to store your data.  

Before choosing a cloud storage solution, make sure you carry out research on any reported security issues and how the provider  responded to those.

What Makes an Ideal Cloud Storage System?

Not all cloud storage systems offer the same benefits. The ideal and most secure cloud storage system should have all of these attributes:

  • Excellent interface: The interface is what determines how accessible the platform is to your needs. A good interface is user-friendly and easy to access.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows: Clients, employees and anyone else who needs access to your cloud storage should be able to access it with ease, whichever system they use. This will help keep your projects streamlined and on track. 
  • Quality photo presentation and management: If you want to share high-quality large files such as photographs or presentations, a cloud system should make this possible without the risk of crashing someone’s email. 
  • Collaborative editing and file sharing: The ability of your co-workers, employees, partners and anyone else relevant to your work to be able to access, edit and share files is a key feature of cloud-based storage.
  • Limit access for better security: There should be the ability to limit access to certain files or data to only those who need it.  The more people who have access, the bigger the potential for security issues arising. 

Which Cloud Storage is The Best?

It’s not surprising that all cloud-based storage solutions have their pros and cons and what is right for one business may not be the best for another.

If we take PC Mag’s top cloud choices list as guidance, they rank Microsoft OneDrive as the number one cloud storage system despite its limited free storage option. So, what makes OneDrive a superior choice for secure cloud storage?

  1. It’s accessible: Even if the user doesn’t have a Microsoft operating system, anyone can use OneDrive on the web, or download the iOS, Android, Mac or Windows app. The service also has a public preview option which is helpful for users who are dealing with larger files.
  2. It’s versatile: You can store any kind of file in the service, including photos, video and documents and then access them from any of your computer or mobile devices.
  3. It’s streamlined: You can manage how OneDrive organizes your items and choose your own layout. Photos can be uploaded automatically with the Camera Upload feature which also organizes with automatic tagging and search functions.
    Group work can be streamlined with additional Microsoft apps and OneDrive sends notifications when something has been edited. The OneDrive app also supports scanning, signing and sending of documents via your smartphone camera. 
  4. It has added security: In addition to OneDrive’s strong and dependable backup storage system, you can add the Personal Vault feature that gives an additional layer of security to your files by forcing identity verification for all who have access. Shared links can also be password protected for extra security.
  5. More security with encryption: For even more security, OneDrive offers end-to-end encryption for all files whether they are at rest (saved) or in transit (being shared with someone else). This ensures that only authorized people can access your documents.

What Other Security Factors Should I Consider?

Information safety is important for all businesses. Even if you feel the risk of your cloud-based system getting hacked is low, there are other security issues to be aware of if you want to protect your documents.

Google Drive, for instance, scans and analyses your data in order to create your user profile.  This allows them to personalize your Google search results and ads.  As a business, you aren’t likely comfortable with this.  

Consult with an Expert for Cloud-Based Security Advice

When choosing which cloud storage system is right for your business or workspace, ask the experts at BSC Solutions Group. Serving the Greater Toronto Area, our IT guardian Angels are ready to help you out with whatever you need. 

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