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Cloud Computing Concept

While many of our clients who are sharing files in the cloud use Microsoft’s SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive options, there are private cloud sharing options as well.  Some organizations either prefer a private cloud or must avoid public clouds in order to meet legal or other requirements.   Our preferred private cloud file sharing service is U.S.-based FileCloud.

FileCloud is available as an application to be installed on-premises using local servers or as a cloud hosted application, which can be hosted by FileCloud in the US, or on BSC’s private cloud servers in Toronto, Canada.

Key Features

Secure Remote Access
Always have secure remote access to your files. FileCloud offers multiple access options and will integrate seamlessly with your existing file systems. FileCloud protects your files and make them available to you across all of your devices.

Smart Drive
The FileCloud Drive app mounts your cloud space as a local disk. It provides access to terabytes of files without consuming local storage. Virtual drive helps limit offline copies of files and comply with regulations.

Share Securely
Create public, private or password protected links. Securely receive files and set up group spaces for team file sharing. Mark your files view only, restrict the number of downloads, make them available for a limited time, FileCloud lets you share how you want.

Team Collaboration Tools
Team folders make group collaboration simple. All your files and folders can be organized and accessed from a single place. Team leaders can customize team folders and subfolders with many levels of permissions.

Cloud Enable Your File Server
When your file server is the central location for all of your data, accessing remote enterprise files through FTP and a VPN is cumbersome. FileCloud brings more efficiency to your file server, making it easier to access, share and track your data from anywhere.

Integrate with NTFS and Active Directory
Bring secure remote and VPN-less access to existing network folders (SMB, NFS) and user home directories. FileCloud honors existing NTFS permissions, Active Directory users and groups, and works with NetApp and EMC storage appliances.

Integrate with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook
Store your Microsoft Office files in FileCloud and you can open, edit and save right from the app or using a browser. Automatically upload email attachments and share secure links with the FileCloud Outlook add-on.

If a private cloud file sharing service is what you need, contact us today to learn more.

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