Cloud Computing

The world of cloud computing can be confusing. Understanding whether moving to the cloud is the right option for your business can be difficult. Often, the ideal solution is a combination of cloud hosting and in-house solutions. We work closely with our clients to ensure they understand the options available, and help tailor the cloud hosting services to their specific needs. Cloud computing solutions can increase the flexibility, performance and security of your IT systems while also taking away the burden of maintaining it all yourself.

BSC specializes in fully managed, Dedicated Server Hosting. We take the time to fully understand the intended purpose and requirements of your Server hosting and then advise you on the appropriate resource needs for that Server(s). Our monthly flat rate Server Hosting fee will include all the resources and options you need, to get the functionality, performance, security and support you would expect.

Typical Hosted Servers include, Web/E-commerce Servers, File, Exchange, SQL, Remote Desktop and Application Servers.

Advantages of hosting your Server in the cloud:

  • Eliminates the capital purchase of hardware, software, and installation fees every 4 to 5 years to replace aging equipment. We keep your hosted Server hardware and operating system software up-to-date as part of your flat rate monthly fee.
  • Eliminates the need to manage an in-house Server. We take care of monitoring, maintaining and managing your hosted Server.
  • Data Backup is no longer a concern as images of all our hosted Servers are backed up nightly at the Data Centre, with the option to replicate your Servers to a second Data Centre.
  • Security measures and redundancies in place at our Data Centre will far exceed what is in place at your office; so your Server and data will be safer than ever before.
  • Our Internet “pipe” is huge, so traffic to your Server can easily be accommodated.
  • With virtual Server Hosting, we can quickly adjust hardware and software resources as business demands change, providing much more flexibility than a physical Server.
  • A predictable flat rate monthly fee makes budgeting easy

Why Host with BSC:

  • 17 year track record of providing superior hosting services from our Toronto Data Centre
  • Your data is safe; located in Canada’s premiere data and telecom hotel at 151 Front St., Toronto. This highly-secured facility has a quadruple redundantcooling system, a fully redundant fire suppression system (using gas rather than water), emergency back-up power generators and multiple redundant Internet feeds.
  • Toronto area helpdesk is manned by experienced service technicians you can call or email
  • 24/7 emergency technical support
  • Rates are competitive and clearly defined
  • Fees are in Canadian dollars with payment terms available
  • BSC Solutions Group is a Canadian owned and operated private corporation, in operation since 1969

Contact your “IT Guardian Angels” and one of our consultants will be happy to answer your questions.



Getting your computer network, phones and software applications to work shouldn’t be a monumental project;
yet we constantly hear from frustrated organizations like yours who call us when they’ve finally
had enough of the poor services and excuses from their current IT support firm.

Our offer of a FREE Service ticket is a no-risk way of introducing our services.
Let us diagnose and work on the computer problem of your choice and
find out what over 25 years of service excellence feels like.

Accepting this free offer in no way obligates you to do any further business with us but of course we hope you will!

1. Because our resources are not unlimited, the free service ticket will cover a maximum of 2 hours of remote support for 1 service issue.
2. Since customers who are the best fit for our services have a minimum of 10 computers, this free offer only applies to organizations of this size.
3. This offer applies only to organizations who are not already a customer of BSC Solutions Group.

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