Cloud Backup for your Critical PCs

Cloud PC Backup


Backing up your Server data on a regular basis should be standard practice.  What is often overlooked, however, is backing up any individual PC’s that are also critical to your organization.  These would be computers with complex settings or perhaps applications that would be difficult and/or time-consuming to re-install and configure.  Examples could be a computer running your accounting application or a PC running older software that isn’t readily available to re-install.  Another example could be a computer running software that integrates with a piece of production equipment or perhaps a custom printer.   

If you do have computers on your network that fit this description, you should consider implementing image backups to the cloud for each of these PCs. This ensures you can get these critical computers functional as quickly as possible in the event of a desktop or laptop loss, theft, hardware failure, ransomware attack, or other disaster.

An ideal PC cloud backup solution should include:

  • Image-based cloud backups
  • Ability to restore individual files
  • Ability to restore the entire PC image (including to different hardware)
  • Ability to spin up a working version of the PC in the cloud, in the absence of local hardware
  • Point-in-time rollback capability (useful in the event of a ransomware attack)

BSC offers just such a PC cloud backup solution for your critical computers for a flat rate monthly fee.  Contact us today for more information.