Canadian Researcher Makes Technology Breakthrough

memory board circuit
Natia Frank, a researcher from the University of Victoria, has patented LI-RAM (light-induced random-access memory), which is a breakthrough technology that will make computing “faster, more durable and more energy-efficient”. LI-RAM would use light to store and process data instead of electricity which results in minimal power and heat consumption. At the moment, information processing technologies use approximately 10% of the world’s electricity resource. With LI-RAM, it is expected to cut this usage by half. There are a range of applications for the LI-RAM including data storage in cell phones, computers and other electronics. As the technology develops, it can be used in medical imaging, solar cells and nanotechnologies. According to Frank, she expects LI-RAM to be commercialized in 10 years. Watch the video below for more information:

May 25, 2017 3:28:12 PM

Bill Boisvenue

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