You Can Now Build and print 3D Objects on Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox

3D Builder

Windows 10 PCs come pre-installed with a 3D Builder app, which is now available on other devices such as Windows 10 mobile devices and the Xbox One console. The 3D Builder app will include all the basic features that will enable you to make any 3D content printable.

On Windows 10 mobile devices, you will be able to use your device’s camera in order to transform any real-life object into a 3D object, although it will not be of the highest quality. However, you will also have the option to load images into the app and turn them into 3D objects.

3D Builder has teamed up with i.materialise in order to provide you with the option to 3D print your 3D creation from the app. Once you create something, you can click the print button which will redirect you to i.materialise where you can print your creation and have it delivered to you. If you own a 3D printer at home, you are able to print the 3D content directly, however only a selected number of 3D printer models are supported by i.materialise.