BSC Free 90-Day Remote Connectivity Offering

laptop figures shaking hands

These are difficult days for Canadian organizations and to do our part to help, BSC is offering clients our secure remote connection service and waiving the monthly fee for up to 90 days. This is the same remote connection method we use to connect to your computers when providing remote support. Note that data traveling along this connection is encrypted, however remote control sessions may not perform as quickly as when a user is at their desktop in the office. This solution will enable staff to work from home by connecting a home-based computer to their office computer. The only cost will be a setup fee per user to configure the connection, provide instructions and assistance as needed, and to optionally set up multi-factor authentication for added security.

One caution in using this service is with regards to what computer employees will use at home.  If this is a personal computer, not maintained by BSC, there is a risk that viruses or malware on that computer could travel to your corporate network via this remote connection.  The ideal scenario is to use a business laptop or desktop at home (maintained by BSC), connected to a business laptop or desktop (that is powered on), at the office.

If you wish to take advantage of our offer, please contact Craig Boisvenue for a setup quote at or 905-458-9333 X 226.

For those clients who have a Remote Desktop Server and wish to add more user access, contact us regarding additional licensing requirements.