The Best Way to Boost Your PC’s Performance

Solid State Hard Drive

We all expect our business desktops and laptops to meet our performance demands and not hold us back in any way, in achieving our work day goals. Some of you probably feel that your computer works at a slower pace than you’d like. If you’re ready to replace your PC or want to consider upgrading, the most significant gain in performance can be made by switching to a Solid State Hard Drive.

A Solid-State Drive (SSD) is a high-performing alternative to your standard SATA drive. Unlike these traditional mechanical drives, an SSD has no moving parts. This makes an SSD faster and less prone to error.

Upgrading from a mechanical drive to an SSD will make a significant, noticeable difference in the performance of your PC; more-so than any other modification.

SSD Benefits

Speed: Enjoy faster boot times, applications that launch in seconds and run more seamlessly, files that open faster, and improved normal operating speed.

Noise: SSDs make virtually no noise, as they are non-mechanical.

Reliability: With no moving parts, SSDs are inherently more durable even when jostled around.

Security: Data is less likely to become lost or corrupted.

Energy: Use less energy overall, and add to laptop battery life.

For our customers, supplying desktops and laptops with SSD’s has been our preferred standard for several years, despite the fact that PC offerings from all the major brands still most often come with mechanical SATA Drives. This is likely due to the focus on keeping costs to a minimum. It is true that SSDs are more expensive, particularly when there are large disk space requirements. For business computers where data is mostly stored on Servers, however, large hard drives are often not required. Smaller SSDs (120 GB and 240 GB) are really quite affordable and with the significant productivity gains they provide, are well worth the money.

SSDs offer a dramatic improvement in performance, speed, durability, and flexibility. In our opinion, they are a must-have for most business computer users.