Benefits of Multiple Computer Monitors

Multiple Computer Monitors

Office workers spend most of their time throughout the day in front of their computer screens. With multiple applications and web sites open, they try to effectively multi-task; yet they are trying to do it all on one computer screen.  If this sounds like your work environment, providing multiple computer monitors for your workers may be the perfect solution to helping them become more productive.  

How does this improve productivity?

  • Makes more applications more accessible at the same time; you can see more and do more
  • Email can be visible at all times on one screen while you work on other tasks on another screen
  • Spreading out your content on multiple screens enables you to see more and maintain organization while generating new content
  • Populate data in a spreadsheet by pulling content from another file while viewing both at once
  • Review two versions of the same document at the same time
  • Generally save time by reducing tabbing back and forth between programs, working different windows, mouse-clicking and scrolling.

What about cost?

A good business use 22” monitor will cost around $200.  We generally recommend fully adjustable & ergonomic Viewsonic monitors.  Various options are available for multi-monitor configurations.  They can be placed side by side, tiled across an entire wall, or mounted to stands.  Stand options include a single display stand that supports two monitors, or a monitor and a notebook, as well as adjustable stands.

Docking stations

For users with laptops, connecting to a docking station can allow for multiple monitor use. The docking station will typically connect to the laptop either directly or via USB-C cable and will have multiple ports for monitors, keyboard, mouse, etc.  For users with a laptop and a desktop, there is a potential for cost savings by eliminating the desktop entirely with a laptop/docking station setup.

Once you’ve worked with multiple monitors, you’ll never go back!  Call BSC today for pricing on that second (or third?) monitor.

November 21, 2019 6:48:50 PM

Bill Boisvenue

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