Backup & Recovery solutions to get you back in operation quickly in the event of a disaster


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Why does your company need a backup and disaster recovery plan? Business data is your most valuable asset. Critical data can be found in databases, files, and other places that store information, locally and in the cloud. Your company’s financial data, intellectual property, customer and employee  information are all at risk without proper protection.

Today, the risk of losing your data is higher than ever before. It’s critically important to be aware of your data’s vulnerability as well as the latest cyber security threats.

At BSC Solutions Group, our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is extremely reliable and allows us to get you back in operation quickly in the event of a disaster. 

As business owners, we know that your computer data recovery plan and network server backup also needs to be affordable for your small to medium sized organization. That’s why we offer a range of solutions for network server backup and network disaster recovery. As your IT guardian angels, we will ensure that you have a rock-solid disaster recovery plan to protect your network and prevent the kind of stress that comes with a major data loss.  Securing your data and keeping your organization on track is our highest priority.

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Network Server Backup

BSC’s impressive Backup and Network Disaster Recovery solution consists of a local device that is constantly running sophisticated backup software. Changes to your Server(s) data will be backed up locally as often as you choose (we recommend hourly for best results). In addition to the regular local backups, data changes are sent to the cloud in regular intervals around the clock. This data is then stored in a Canadian state-of-the-art data centre. All of this is automated, so you never have to worry about forgetting to backup your servers and data.

Our Network Server Backup and Computer Data Recovery is a worry-free solution that ensures complete disaster recovery for your business. Our services include:

  • Daily verification of successful backups so you can see for yourself that your important data is protected.
  • Technical support from our IT team to ensure successful automated and manual backups.
  • Ability to restore files, folders or an entire server from the local device, so your documents are always within reach.
  • Ability to restore files, folders or an entire server from the cloud. Never worry about being unable to access your important documents, since they can be restored to your local device from the cloud anytime.
  • In the event of a network disaster, you’ll be able to access your server(s) in the cloud, as a fully functional virtual server(s) from any internet connection. This solution lets you stay operational until a local physical server network is back up and running.  Costly and stressful downtime is minimized.

Individual PC Backup

Individual PC Backup is ideal for standalone computers that aren’t connected to the main network, or for a computer with complex settings and software. For any software or settings that would take a lot of time to re-install and re-optimize, it’s definitely in your best interest to ensure the PC in question is backed up. With our PC backup solution, snapshot images are regularly taken and stored in the cloud. In the case of failure or disaster, we can quickly restore all the settings, software and data.

Microsoft 365 Backup

Email, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams

Microsoft does a fantastic job of keeping Microsoft 365 data safe & secure, but they offer limited administration and end user backup and restore capabilities.  This leaves you vulnerable to the most common cause of data loss in Microsoft 365: human error.  Just a couple of keystrokes can accidentally delete sections of information or an entire document. In fact, accidental deletion is the #1 cause of data loss in the workplace. It can mean hours of work, gone forever, time wasted, income lost. It’s a nightmare. 

We don’t want you or your employees to feel that sense of frustration or defeat ever again. What’s more, we don’t want your productivity or customer satisfaction to be impacted. Microsoft recommends that you have a third-party backup solution in place for your cloud data. That’s where we come in.

At BSC Solutions Group, we offer affordable, reliable and secure data solutions for Microsoft 365 backup services. This ensures your email, calendar, contacts, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint and Teams data is backed up to a third-party cloud. You won’t have to worry about data loss or feel the sense of panic that comes with an accidentally deleted item.

If your company is looking for backup and / or disaster recovery services in Brampton, Mississauga or anywhere else in the Greater Toronto Area, get in touch and we’ll prove why we’re the right data backup solution for your businesses’ needs.