7 Critical Components of a Cyber Security Strategy

Bill Boisvenue speaking at event

On June 21, BSC Solutions Group hosted a free educational event at our Brampton offices on “The 7 Critial Components of a Cyber Security Strategy”.  Bill, Boisvenue, President of BSC, was the primary speaker but was also joined by Gordon Collins, Senior Account Executive at Heart Lake Insurance Brokers who provided some very useful insights into Cyber Liability Insurance.

This Cyber Security Strategy presentation was designed for non-technical business owners, Presidents and C-level executives.  Cyber Security should be considered a top level corporate risk and not simply relegated to your IT person or department to deal with.  A cyber security strategy must include policies and procedures surrounding such areas as acceptable use of your corporate network, what to do in the event of a cyber attack, etc. This should be established from the top levels of your organization.  The risks in not taking cyber security seriously can be very significant.  Further to that point, effective November 1, 2018, new data breach reporting, notification and record-keeping requirements are coming to Canada.  Experts believe that organizations are not doing what they should to protect the data they are entrusted with.  This, they conclude, is why data breaches are on the rise. Not following the new rules can result in fines and non-compliant organizations will be ordered to change their practices.

Our presentation was very well received, and given the importance of the topic, plans are to host another similar event this fall.   If you are an executive interested in being added to our invitation list, please enter your name, phone number and email address in the comment section below.

For an excerpt from the event, watch this video clip.

If you don’t want to wait until the fall and would like to talk now to someone at BSC regarding our Cyber Security Services, please reach out.

To quote former FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller III, “There are two kinds of companies:  those that have been hacked and those that will be.”