4 Ways to Improve Your Android Phone Experience

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Your Android comes with many default settings that may be taking up unwanted space and battery life. In addition, there may be a few useful Android features that you should consider using.

Here are 4 quick settings to look at to improve your Android experience:

  1. Disable Bloatware

    Oftentimes, your phone will have preinstalled apps that take up a lot of space and resources. Typically, these apps are rarely used but are simply preinstalled because of your phone’s manufacturer, carrier or Google. When you navigate to “Apps” in your settings, you will find a list of apps that are installed on your phone. If there are apps that you aren’t using, delete them. If you cannot delete them, you can most likely disable them. This will disable them from using your phone’s background resources.
  2. Manage NotificationsYou may have stopped playing a game months ago, but forgot to delete the app. Now, you are suddenly receiving notifications to upgrade to the premium version of the game. How do you get rid of those annoying notifications? Under notifications, you can customize each app’s notifications.
  3. Rearrange Pull-down ButtonsThe pull-down buttons that you can access when you slide your finger down from the top of the screen can be modified. You can choose which icons are included in this area for easy access.
  4. Use Widgets

    What is a widget? It is a live app window that can be kept open on the home screen. Most apps have a widget form that can be placed on the home screen. If you have apps that you often open, such as weather or email, you can have their widget form on the home screen for quicker access and viewing. You can customize their size and include multiple widgets on one screen.